Rudecinda Sepulveda Dodson

Vision, Mission, & SLOs

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes Essay Contest Winners

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VISION: Dodson Middle School students use their knowledge and skills to excel in a competitive, diverse, and changing world and to make positive contributions to society.


MISSION: Dodson Middle School teaches academic skills and character traits that prepare all students for higher education as well as the 21st century job market.


SCHOOL-WIDE LEARNER OUTCOMES: Dodson Middle School Dolphins will become...



Critical thinkers who:

  • gather facts and evidence that they can use to defend a position.
  • evaluate evidence to make sense of problems and strive to find solutions.
  • question and defend the validity of their thoughts to others using logical argument.
  • reflect on their own thinking.


Problem-solvers who:

  • define problems accurately.
  • apply effective problem solving strategies.
  • collaborate with peers to solve problems.
  • address issues that deeply affect the planet and its inhabitants.
  • apply knowledge, skills, and problem solving strategies learned in the classroom to real life problems.


Literate individuals who:

  • apply literacy skills that transfer across all disciplines.
  • communicate orally and in writing using vocabulary that is appropriate to the conversation.
  • construct writing that supports opinions.
  • convey real and imagined experiences and events.


Digital citizens who:

  • use technology responsibly and ethically.
  • increase competency in the use of technology.
  • apply technology when problem solving and developing literacy skills.
  • evaluate the credibility of various forms of media.
  • increase their global awareness through the use of technology.


Healthy individuals who:

  • engage in activities promoting life-long physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • practice healthy nutrition habits that affect overall well-being.
  • understand the impact that the mind and body have on overall quality of life.
  • focus not only on personal health and well-being but also that of others and society.


Life-long learners who:

  • work effectively and cooperatively with others who may have different points of view.
  • seek opportunities and resources to achieve personal growth.
  • learn from the experiences of others.
  • contribute their knowledge, skills, and experiences to teach others.
  • persevere and grow through difficult tasks and situations.